Soulful Thoughts of Rachel

This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Getting Rid of Holiday Excess

A lot of people have gained weight because of the recent Christmas holiday. There’s no use feeling bad about it, after all, everyone deserves to enjoy the holidays. Special occasions mean getting together with family and friends, catching up with one another and enjoying good food. It’s very hard to resist delicious food. Besides, it’s […]

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Impromptu shopping

My hubby and I joined my in-laws on an impromptu shopping spree. I’m happy with my stash. I was able to buy three new blouses, toys for my son and some gifts for family and friends while hubby bought some baking stuff. I also bought accessories for my son’s wacky outfit week in school. After […]

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Newly opened restaurants

There are two newly opened restaurants at the nearby mall. Both restaurants have attractive and modern design concepts. My family is tired of the same old restaurants and the newly opened places are quite a welcome. One looks like a retro diner and serves burgers, chicken and different types of pasta dishes. A lot of […]

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Cut Down on Soda

One of my guilty pleasures is drinking soft drinks. I tried countless times to give it up but my success is always short lived. I just enjoy drinking soda. I try to cut back from too much soda by limiting my intake. In this weather, I find a tall iced cold glass of soft drink […]

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Baking is Fun

Baking is a fun activity that my family enjoys.  I remember a few years ago, I bought hubby a mixer as a Christmas present. That inspired him to try different baking recipes.  The first thing he tried was making carrot cake because he knew it’s my favorite.  His first attempt was a success.  He cut […]

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