Soulful Thoughts of Rachel

This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Prep Awards

I’m very happy because I received a letter from my son’s school.  It’s a letter informing my husband and I that our son will receive three awards on graduation: Word Smart (English), Nature Smart (Science) and Academic Excellence.  I’m so proud of my little preschooler. He is graduating from preschool next week. I bought him […]

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Preschool Camping

Yesterday was our son’s first camping. Hubby and I drove him to the camp site. I had a short talk with his teachers before leaving him there. I felt at ease knowing that all the preschool teachers were there to assist the kids. Hubby and I kissed our son and told him that we love […]

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Preschool Visual Aids

I printed flash cards to help my son review for his quiz in Science. The topic in Science is about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and birds. I searched for images of these animals and printed them in uniform cards. My son enjoyed using the flash cards. Visual aids are perfect educational tools in helping […]

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Back To School

Summer vacation has ended. My son went back to school today. He’s already in Prep. Time flies so fast. It’s funny because I felt a tinge of separation anxiety when the school service picked him up this morning. I wasn’t worried because the nanny was with him but I still felt a heavy feeling inside. […]

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Shopping For School Supplies

Summer vacation is fast coming to an end.  Only two more weeks to go and my son will be going back to school. My son is an incoming Prep student this coming school year. Last weekend, my family and I did some shopping for Yohan’s school things. We finished buying all his required school supplies […]

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Picture Dictionary

If you have a young child, encourage him to learn new words and their definitions using a Picture Dictionary. It’s a great way to introduce new words by connecting them with colorful photos. A Picture Dictionary is a nice visual material for young students especially preschoolers.

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