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This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Parenting Tip #5 – Expose Child to Diverse Surroundings

Expose your child to the world outside home and school. Try to regularly bring your child to new and exciting places that he can enjoy and explore. You can bring your child to places where he can learn many wonderful things like the zoo, museums, nature parks, concerts and plays. Broaden your child’s exposure to […]

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Parenting Tip #4 – Positive Recognition

Recognize the small good things that your child does. A positive remark can help foster good behavior. Say “very good”, “great job”, “job well done” and other positive lines if your child … puts his toys away after playing finishes the food on his plate brushes his teeth after a meal shares his toys with […]

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Parenting Tip #3 – Raising Good Citizens

Our children are the hope of our Motherland. ~ Dr. Jose Rizal (Philippine National Hero) It is important that we raise our children to be good citizens because when they grow older, it will be their turn to run the country. As parents, we should set a good example to our children. Let us nurture […]

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Parenting Tip #2 – Discovering Independence

A child often becomes curious and motivate to explore and try to gradually do some things on his own between two to three years of age. Encourage your child to enjoy discovering new things around him with proper supervision. A child can learn a lot of things through experience. Try not to set a reasonable […]

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Parenting Tip #1 – Differentiating Need and Want

¬†As your child grows older, help him or her understand the concepts of needs and wants. Help your child distinguish between the two. Set concrete examples and categorize them accordingly. Need pertains to important things in life that are important for survival. Want refers to a desire to have something that is not necessarily important […]

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