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This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Credit Worthiness

Maintaining a credit card is a responsibility that people should take seriously.  The way a person handles his credit card is a reflection of how he manages his life in general.  It takes a responsible person to manage his finances well.  Overlooking one’s expenses may bring future problems in terms of allocating budget. Miscalculation and […]

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Choosing the Right Credit Card

It is more convenient and safe to bring a credit card than cash when you go shopping.  However, a wise shopper should be responsible in managing credit card bills.  Sometimes, it can be tempting to use a credit card beyond your paying capacity.  Every credit card holder should learn the importance of control and self […]

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Manage Your Finances

Times have become tough with the bombardment of fuel price increases and other forms of inflation. These alarming problems make it difficult for many to work on their normal budget limits. Nowadays, it seems harder to manage one’s finances. When you consume your monthly cash on hand, the next option is often the use of […]

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Things To Consider in a Credit Card

Choosing the best credit cards that will suit your personal requirements and financial capability is very important. There should be a number of things to consider such as interest rates, annual fees, rewards and privileges. One of the things to consider in getting a credit card is the annual fee. In the past, I made […]

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Manage Your Credit Card Bills

Debt can be a cause of stress. Every one would like to envision a debt-free life however, sometimes circumstances call for some borrowed monetary assistance. No matter what your reasons are, debt can accumulate when one is not careful in managing it. Debt is something that everyone wishes to eliminate. It is not always easy […]

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