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This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Support Your Child’s Musical Inclinations

Written By: rachel - Oct• 16•14

Music is a great and lasting investment. Encourage kids who show interest in music to explore their capabilities. Introduce them to different musical instruments and let them choose what they like. Give your child time and space to experiment on different instruments until he or she finds the ideal one.  Support your child’s love for music by enrolling him in basic lessons and buying the best instrument of his or her choice.  Choose a quality instrument that your child can use for a long time.

No to Texting While Driving!

Written By: rachel - Sep• 21•14

Texting and driving at the same time is just like drinking and driving. Both combinations endanger lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Texting is considered as a form of distracted driving because it takes the driver’s attention away from driving.

Driving requires full attention on the road. Texting prevents you from focusing on the road which can lead to a collision. Prevent road accidents by not texting while you are behind the wheel. It is best to wait until you reach your destination or pull over to a safe location before you read a text message or compose one. Safety first before text.

Christmas Countdown

Written By: rachel - Sep• 14•14

It’s half way through September. That means that Christmas is just around the corner. Many malls in the city are putting up Christmas decorations and accents to anticipate the coming special season. Radio stations have started playing Christmas carols. People have begun their Christmas countdown. The Christmas spirit is inspiring a lot of people to put up Christmas decorations in their homes. You can find lovely Christmas ornaments and accents at d56 at this site. You’ll find village houses and holiday accessories for your home.  Avoid last minute holiday shopping. Enjoy Christmas shopping a bit early to avoid the rush.

New Lunchbox

Written By: rachel - Sep• 14•14

My son’s old Ben10 lunchbox is retiring so I decided to buy him a new one. I’m so excited because I found a Tiger lunchbox for him. It’s the same brand I had when I was in high school. The one that I bought for my son has  four separate containers and chopstick with holder. It comes with a nice bag that you can sling on your shoulders. It’s a welcome change because Yohan can now enjoy warm food. I wish it had a small condiments container like the one I had when I was younger.

Pizza Treat

Written By: rachel - Aug• 03•14

We had to postpone Yohan’s 11th birthday celebration in school because of the typhoon.  We decided to give him a belated birthday celebration in school.  Last Friday, we brought a big pizza for Yohan’s classmates to share.  The kids finished the pizza in a flash. It was nice to see the kids enjoying themselves.

We also brought several loaves of bread and Cookie Butter spreads for the teachers, tutors and admin staff.

Music Unites People

Written By: rachel - Aug• 03•14

Music has a way of bringing people together.  People who are naturally gifted with musical talents are blessed.  They have the privilege of sharing their music with other people.  It is good to encourage young people who show interest for music. Learning a new instrument can be an amazing experience.  The musician’s friend is a great source of musical instruments and other music related accessories.  Embrace music in your family by giving your kids a chance to learn how to play musical instruments of their choice.

Traits of an Effective Manager

Written By: rachel - Aug• 01•14

An effective manager properly delegates tasks to the members of his team in order to accomplish the goals of the organization. The manager makes himself available to his team for supervision and support whenever necessary. The manager defines the goals of the department and sees to it that every member of the team contributes towards reaching common goals. Communication is a big factor for success. A good manager maintains open communication within the team. Problems are resolved within the group to promote good working relationships.

Theme Parties

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

Theme parties are fun! It’s not just for kids.  Even adults can organize their own theme parties with family and friends depending on the occasion.  You can have a theme party on your birthday or during special events like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.  You can even have fun putting up a dance theme party with close friends. Go ahead and buy sexy dancewear. Talk to your other friends and put up a fun dance number to surprise the celebrant. Have fun with close pals.

Gadget for Labeling

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

While I was organizing my things at home, I found an old but never been used labeling gadget. I’ve had it for years but for some reason, I forgot about it. I’m glad I found it because I can use it to label my son’s things in school. Perfect timing!

Organizing Your Room

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

A good way to organize your room is to add more cabinets and put up additional shelves where you can put your things. We usually acquire many new things every year without realizing that we are running out of space. Our tendency is to place things in corners of the room. Prevent your home from looking like a mess by putting things in order. You can rev a shelf in just a few minutes. It’s now easy to add shelves in different parts of the room.