Soulful Thoughts of Rachel

This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Versatility of the Saxophone

Written By: rachel - Dec• 08•14

The saxophone is such a soulful instrument. The sound it produces somehow finds its way to the depth of one’s soul. It blends beautifully with other instruments but it’s also a great solo instrument. The saxophone can also bring a touch of romance in the air. It has been played in countless concerts. The tenor saxophones from wwbw are amazing pieces. Many people are inspired to learn to play this instrument because of its versatility and power to move the audience.

Getting Ready for Storm Hagupit

Written By: rachel - Dec• 08•14

As of this moment, our province is under Signal No. 3.  We have been experiencing light to moderate rains since last night.  Storm Hagupit is expected to pass through Mindoro and affect nearby provinces including Metro Manila tonight.  We made sure that we have stock of rice, canned goods and drinking water.  Batteries of flashlights, battery-operated lamps, and radio have been changed to new ones.  We also bought a heavy duty and waterproof flashlight and rechargeable electric fan just in case we experience prolonged brownout.   All we can do now is pray and hope that God will shield us from the danger of Storm Hagupit.

Fight procrastination

Written By: rachel - Nov• 10•14

Procrastination prevents you from completing your tasks.  Don’t put off work because it’s difficult.  The task will not go away if you set it aside.  When you make your to-do list, it is advisable to prioritize the items according to importance and urgency.  Prevent procrastination by getting rid of things that distract you.  Make it a point to reward yourself after a job well done.  Rewards can motivate you to perform better.


Enhancing Sound

Written By: rachel - Oct• 17•14

Harmony is hard to achieve when a component is missing. In music, instruments work together to create beautiful melodies. The guitar is an important instrument. The band is incomplete without a good guitar player.  A band usually has a lead guitar player who is supported by another guitar player.  Music on stage is enhanced by a drive amp to bring it across the audience.  The signal is modified from the guitar into the amp. It modifies and boosts the sound of the guitar.  It is vital to have a good amplifier to produce enough power to deliver music across a large space.  During live performances, the music should be loud and clear for everyone to appreciate.


Treat After Exams

Written By: rachel - Oct• 16•14

Yesterday was the last day of 2nd Quarter Exams.  My friends and I decided to give the kids a well deserved break.  We picked up the kids right after the exams and headed to a new restaurant recommended by one of the moms.  We went to Yobab at Tomas Morato. The restaurant serves Lechon de Cebu and different varieties of lechon dishes. We tried typical lechon, lechon sisig, ginataang lechon, fresh lumpia with shredded lechon, chicharon bulaklak, and more. Their lechon was good but the restaurant should consider adding more vegetable dishes and offering good dessert. After our lunch out, we went to the mall where the kids played video games while me and fellow moms did a bit of side shopping.  We’re glad that exams are over. It’s time to relax.

Support Your Child’s Musical Inclinations

Written By: rachel - Oct• 16•14

Music is a great and lasting investment. Encourage kids who show interest in music to explore their capabilities. Introduce them to different musical instruments and let them choose what they like. Give your child time and space to experiment on different instruments until he or she finds the ideal one.  Support your child’s love for music by enrolling him in basic lessons and buying the best instrument of his or her choice.  Choose a quality instrument that your child can use for a long time.

No to Texting While Driving!

Written By: rachel - Sep• 21•14

Texting and driving at the same time is just like drinking and driving. Both combinations endanger lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Texting is considered as a form of distracted driving because it takes the driver’s attention away from driving.

Driving requires full attention on the road. Texting prevents you from focusing on the road which can lead to a collision. Prevent road accidents by not texting while you are behind the wheel. It is best to wait until you reach your destination or pull over to a safe location before you read a text message or compose one. Safety first before text.

Christmas Countdown

Written By: rachel - Sep• 14•14

It’s half way through September. That means that Christmas is just around the corner. Many malls in the city are putting up Christmas decorations and accents to anticipate the coming special season. Radio stations have started playing Christmas carols. People have begun their Christmas countdown. The Christmas spirit is inspiring a lot of people to put up Christmas decorations in their homes. You can find lovely Christmas ornaments and accents at d56 at this site. You’ll find village houses and holiday accessories for your home.  Avoid last minute holiday shopping. Enjoy Christmas shopping a bit early to avoid the rush.

New Lunchbox

Written By: rachel - Sep• 14•14

My son’s old Ben10 lunchbox is retiring so I decided to buy him a new one. I’m so excited because I found a Tiger lunchbox for him. It’s the same brand I had when I was in high school. The one that I bought for my son has  four separate containers and chopstick with holder. It comes with a nice bag that you can sling on your shoulders. It’s a welcome change because Yohan can now enjoy warm food. I wish it had a small condiments container like the one I had when I was younger.

Pizza Treat

Written By: rachel - Aug• 03•14

We had to postpone Yohan’s 11th birthday celebration in school because of the typhoon.  We decided to give him a belated birthday celebration in school.  Last Friday, we brought a big pizza for Yohan’s classmates to share.  The kids finished the pizza in a flash. It was nice to see the kids enjoying themselves.

We also brought several loaves of bread and Cookie Butter spreads for the teachers, tutors and admin staff.