Soulful Thoughts of Rachel

This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Summer Swimming Lessons

Written By: rachel - May• 19•15

My son just completed his Advance Swimming lessons this summer. I’m very proud of his accomplishment.  It feels good to see him enjoying himself in the water.  He used to be afraid of going to the deep part of the pool.  After finishing his summer swimming lessons, he seems more confident in the water.  As a mom, I’m thankful that he knows how to swim properly.  I learned that swimming is an important survival skill.  His swimming lessons are not yet over. My son decided to join the swim team.  I’m sure the experience will help him improve and refine his swimming techniques.

Benefits of tutoring

Written By: rachel - Feb• 17•15

Tutoring is a supplemental learning service that helps students in their studies. It may be an individual form of instruction or group which aims to aid students reach their academic goals.  Tutors also guide students with academic challenges to improve their grades.

Tutoring students offer many benefits for students and their parents.  It helps recognize the learning challenges of each student.  The tutor can identify the weak areas of each students and help the individual cope up with school requirements and tasks.  Tutoring can also guide students in improving their study habits including preparation and time management. This kind of supplemental learning service also improves overall academic performance. Students can have more chances to improve their grades.

Happy Holidays! Kris Kringle Gift

Written By: rachel - Dec• 29•14

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you had a lovely Christmas celebration with your loved ones. Wishing you a promising New Year!

We had a fun and memorable Christmas celebration with the extended family.  Our annual Kris Kringle was one of the highlights of the evening. I received a 9000 mah powerbank and an 8 gb USB from my monita who turned out to be my mother-in-law.  She also gave me a sampler of gourmet jams. She’s very sweet. The rest of the family exchanged gifts after the Kris Kringle revelation. Everyone had a great time especially the kids.

Quality Sound Across the Room

Written By: rachel - Dec• 08•14

Some people are blessed with beautiful voices. If you are given a talent to sing, the best thing to do is share your beautiful voice. Singing is a great way to express yourself. It can also boost your self-confidence. A dynamic mic can ensure that vocals can maintain its quality and be heard across the room. In a concert, it is important to have quality microphones to produce best output.  Sing your heart out and share the gift of music to others.

2014 Shell Lego Collection

Written By: rachel - Dec• 08•14

Shell, Ferrari and the Lego have teamed up once again to bring six racing models. We recently completed the 2014 collection which includes four Ferrari car models, a Shell station and a Finish Line and Podium. It also comes with some mini figures. The companies recently announced an addition to the collection, a Lego oil tanker.

Versatility of the Saxophone

Written By: rachel - Dec• 08•14

The saxophone is such a soulful instrument. The sound it produces somehow finds its way to the depth of one’s soul. It blends beautifully with other instruments but it’s also a great solo instrument. The saxophone can also bring a touch of romance in the air. It has been played in countless concerts. The tenor saxophones from wwbw are amazing pieces. Many people are inspired to learn to play this instrument because of its versatility and power to move the audience.

Getting Ready for Storm Hagupit

Written By: rachel - Dec• 08•14

As of this moment, our province is under Signal No. 3.  We have been experiencing light to moderate rains since last night.  Storm Hagupit is expected to pass through Mindoro and affect nearby provinces including Metro Manila tonight.  We made sure that we have stock of rice, canned goods and drinking water.  Batteries of flashlights, battery-operated lamps, and radio have been changed to new ones.  We also bought a heavy duty and waterproof flashlight and rechargeable electric fan just in case we experience prolonged brownout.   All we can do now is pray and hope that God will shield us from the danger of Storm Hagupit.

Fight procrastination

Written By: rachel - Nov• 10•14

Procrastination prevents you from completing your tasks.  Don’t put off work because it’s difficult.  The task will not go away if you set it aside.  When you make your to-do list, it is advisable to prioritize the items according to importance and urgency.  Prevent procrastination by getting rid of things that distract you.  Make it a point to reward yourself after a job well done.  Rewards can motivate you to perform better.


Enhancing Sound

Written By: rachel - Oct• 17•14

Harmony is hard to achieve when a component is missing. In music, instruments work together to create beautiful melodies. The guitar is an important instrument. The band is incomplete without a good guitar player.  A band usually has a lead guitar player who is supported by another guitar player.  Music on stage is enhanced by a drive amp to bring it across the audience.  The signal is modified from the guitar into the amp. It modifies and boosts the sound of the guitar.  It is vital to have a good amplifier to produce enough power to deliver music across a large space.  During live performances, the music should be loud and clear for everyone to appreciate.


Treat After Exams

Written By: rachel - Oct• 16•14

Yesterday was the last day of 2nd Quarter Exams.  My friends and I decided to give the kids a well deserved break.  We picked up the kids right after the exams and headed to a new restaurant recommended by one of the moms.  We went to Yobab at Tomas Morato. The restaurant serves Lechon de Cebu and different varieties of lechon dishes. We tried typical lechon, lechon sisig, ginataang lechon, fresh lumpia with shredded lechon, chicharon bulaklak, and more. Their lechon was good but the restaurant should consider adding more vegetable dishes and offering good dessert. After our lunch out, we went to the mall where the kids played video games while me and fellow moms did a bit of side shopping.  We’re glad that exams are over. It’s time to relax.