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This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Best in Halloween Costume

Written By: rachel - Nov• 01•16

We love dressing up for Halloween. This year, we decided to dress up as Pokemon characters. We had fun making our costumes.

Jules was Ash Ketchum (Pokemon Trainer), Yohan was Charizard, and I was Pikachu. We had a blast! We even won Best in Costume twice. We won Best Family in Costume in our village Trick or Treat and we bagged 2nd Best Family in Costume in our annual family Halloween Party.

Music vibe

Written By: rachel - Oct• 22•16

The gift of music is a great gift that you can share with family, friends and even people you don’t know.  When you play the guitar, the music draws people towards you.  In more ways than one, music can be a form of self-expression.  You can use music to express feelings that may seem hard to say in words.  If you’re looking for a good guitar, you can check here. Music can be fun and entertaining.  You can play the guitar while your family and friends listen.  It can set the mood in a gathering.

Beauty of Small Things

Written By: rachel - Oct• 21•16

We often neglect small things around us. It’s easy to overlook tiny details because we’re too busy focusing on our daily chores and activities.

Whenever I walk in the morning, I enjoy the peace and quiet of my surroundings.  It’s a good time to reflect and appreciate nature.

During one of my walks, I noticed the touch of color among the wild grass growing on the side of the road.  I stopped and saw teeny weeny flowers.  I picked a bunch of them and I realized how beautiful these small wild flowers are.  They look like miniature lilies.  I don’t know what they are called but these tiny flowers remind me of how beautiful nature truly is.


Enjoy great audio experience

Written By: rachel - Apr• 26•16

Getting quality speakers is vital to enjoying great audio experience.  Without the right speakers, your sound system may not be fulfilling its potential sound quality.  A good choice is tannoy for their line of superb audio speakers. Choose the best speaker ideal for your purpose.  There are speakers for residential, professional and studio purposes.  Invest on the proper speakers to enjoy the benefits of quality sound.

Adding a Stylish Lamp to a Room

Written By: rachel - Apr• 26•16

Light is an integral part of any room. A lamp is a functional piece for any room but it can also be a decorative one.  When choosing a lamp, make sure it does not clash with the surroundings.  The function of a lamp is to provide additional light to the area but it doesn’t mean that you can choose whatever lamp that takes your interest. There are many stylish lamps to choose from. There are lovely ones that come with lamp finials. Find one that complements the room’s color and motif. Choose a lamp that suits your personal style.

Lighting fixtures come in different shapes.   Determine where you want to place the lamp.   If you need a corner lamp, you can choose a slim one that you can conveniently position in one corner of the room.  Choose the proper height of the lamp in order to provide ample light to the area.

Yohan’s Grade 6 Graduation

Written By: rachel - Apr• 26•16

Elementary is an integral part of graduation.  It provides the basic foundation of children’s knowledge.  Elementary education inspires children to dream and opens doors to new experiences.

My son recently graduated from elementary (Grade 6) and I’m very proud of him.  He graduated 3rd of his batch and was awarded First Honorable Mention.  He also received 9 special awards including Naturalist Intelligence Award, Musical Intelligence Award, Excellence in Information Technology, five service awards, and Loyalty Award.

Congratulations Yohan for all your remarkable achievements! Good luck on your next step in school! May you continue to shine.

Music and the brain

Written By: rachel - Apr• 06•16

Learning to play a musical instrument has been linked to academic achievement.  Playing a musical instrument stimulates the brain.  Expose your child to music at an early stage.  Allow your child to enjoy music and let him/her discover what kind of instrument he/she is interested in.  You can nurture your child’s love for music by enrolling him/her in a music class in your local area.  There are many interesting musical instruments to choose from such as the piano, guitar, violin, bluegrass mandolin, drums, and many more. Early music education can also enhance language and reasoning.

First Honorable Mention

Written By: rachel - Apr• 06•16

Last Friday, the school announced the awards of the graduating (Grade 6) students.  When my son received the official letter, he called me right away.  I was so happy when I found out that he earned First Honorable Mention and 9 special awards.  I’m so proud of my son for all his achievements.

Congratulations Yohan!  Keep up the good work. I love you!


Joy of Fairy Tales

Written By: rachel - Jan• 12•16

I grew up reading fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.  I remember my mom reading those stories to me before going to bed.  She also bought me books with colorful graphics.  I enjoyed reading them over and over again when I was young.  I also imagined myself as part of the story.  It was fun to play make believe.

Today we commemorate the birth of Charles Perrault, the author behind these classic childhood stories.  Google Doodle pays tribute to the French author.


Photo credit: Screencap from Google

Caring for Your Guitar

Written By: rachel - Jan• 12•16

Playing a musical instrument like the guitar stimulates the brain.  It helps improve memory and promotes creativity.  If you love playing your guitar, you should find time to care for your musical instrument.  Proper maintenance ensures that your guitar will continue to produce quality sounds.  Make it a point to periodically clean your guitar using clean fretboard to protect it from effects of humidity and temperature.  Playing music requires dedication and discipline. Practice as often as you can.  Learning a new piece can be very rewarding.  It feels good to play a new song and share it with others.