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Binge Watching TV series

Written By: rachel - Nov• 11•16

It’s good to have an alternative to regular television programs and DVDs.  The emergence of websites like Netflix and iflix that enable viewers to watch selected movies and television shows on their own time and pace has transformed the people’s TV habits.

At the moment, I’m subscribed to Netflix.  I spend several hours a week watching old movie favorites and films that I missed at the movie theater.  The great thing about Netflix is that I can choose to watch movies and TV programs on my iPhone, iPad, computer, or Smart TV.   As long as I have a steady Internet connection, I can enjoy watching Netflix. I like Netflix over iflix because of its interesting Netflix Originals. I’m currently hooked on watching The Crown, a Netflix Original.

I received a 3-month free iflix subscription but I haven’t renewed it.  The website iflix has its advantages. It offers homegrown TV series. It would be nice if Netflix also feature Filipino films and TV series like iflix.



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