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Seven Symbolic Gifts

Written By: rachel - Jun• 02•11

The Seven Symbolic Gifts is a popular tradition during 7th Birthday celebrations. Seven important people in the life of the celebrant are invited to share their chosen symbolic gifts.  Here are some Symbolic Gift ideas to consider:

1. Book – a symbol of knowledge; to inspire the birthday celebrant to nurture love for reading. It can also be a symbol of education; to inspire celebrant to study harder.

2. Friendship bracelet – a symbol of lasting friendship.

3.  Angel -a symbol of celebrant’s kindness and good deeds to others.

4.  Mirror – a symbol of celebrant’s beauty (inside and out).

5.  Candy/Chocolate –  a symbol of celebrant’s sweet nature and charm.

6. Diary – a symbol of cherished memories; the celebrant can write memorable moments in the diary.

7.  Scented candle/lamp – a symbol of guidance; a way of telling the celebrant that you wish her to always find the right path in the journey of life.

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  1. lids says:

    i like your idea on seven symbolic gifts.

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