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This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Ukulele On the Go

Written By: rachel - Apr• 27•17

The ukulele has become quite a popular instrument especially among the youth. It’s easier to learn compared to a guitar. The compact size of the ukulele makes it convenient to carry around anywhere you go. You can get a carry-on case at ukulele case, check it out at It’s better to get a padded case to protect your ukulele. Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to learn how to play the ukulele on your own. There are instructional videos online that you can watch to help you get started.

Assemble Your Own “Go Bag”

Written By: rachel - Apr• 27•17

Emergency Response experts recommend creating “go bags” or survival kits for every member of the household in case disaster strikes.

During the Emergency Preparedness Workshop, SAH homeowners were encouraged to create their own “go bags”.

Essential contents of a “go bag” include: (should last for 3 days)
– first aid kit
– whistle
– portable radio
– flashlight
– extra batteries
– drinking water
– ready to eat food such as canned goods
– clothes
– blanket
– raincoat
– money
– identification card with blood type and emergency contact number (placed in waterproof case or zip bag)
– important documents (placed in waterproof case or zip bag)

* Place your “go bags” near the exit of your house.

Jamming for Fun

Written By: rachel - Apr• 18•17

Getting together with fellow music lovers for an evening of fun is something worth looking forward to. Playing different instruments and jamming can be entertaining and rewarding at the same time. The goal is to have a great time and simply enjoy the rhythm. Think of it as having your own band without the pressure of creating perfect music. Check out fender amp at Amplifiers can do wonders to your music.

Recording music

Written By: rachel - Apr• 12•17

Creating your own music has become easier with today’s technology. There are a lot of online music software that can help new and inexperienced musicians in making music. A recorder is a great tool for musicians. For instance, you can use a recorder to record music idea, live sound, and demos.  A portable recorder that you can carry around can help maximize opportunities when they come along.

Gaming Headset

Written By: rachel - Apr• 12•17

This gaming headset is a good buy. It is compact compared to other gaming headsets. It is compatible with PC, Mac, smart device, and PlayStation 4. It has an in-line mic that you can use for chatting and it also comes with a detachable boom mic that is perfect for gaming. I bought this recently for my son and he said its perfect for his gaming needs and YouTube videos.

Piano music

Written By: rachel - Feb• 04•17

It feels good to listen to soft piano music. The soothing music helps relax the senses especially after a tiring day at work. When you need to de-stress, listening to piano music can give you a sense of calm. Lucky are those who find joy in playing the piano.
People who enjoy playing the piano can use music to relieve stress.  They can also try playing the digital piano.  Music lovers can find the roland digital piano at M F.

Year of the Fire Rooster

Written By: rachel - Jan• 28•17

Happy Year of the Fire Rooster! Let us welcome this year with a positive mind and grateful heart.  May 2017 be a wonderful and exciting year. God bless everyone.

Customized Book Shelves

Written By: rachel - Nov• 13•16

My son, Yohan is a book worm.  He loves to read whenever he has time.  I had a small book shelf customized for the corner of his room by the window.

As you can see, he loves the Harry Potter series.  I gave him Harry Potter’s wand which he keeps on the same book shelf. His grandparents recently gave him a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Yohan enjoys reading fiction and Science-related books.  He is also fascinated about mystical beings such as dragons.  In fact, he has several books about them.



Binge Watching TV series

Written By: rachel - Nov• 11•16

It’s good to have an alternative to regular television programs and DVDs.  The emergence of websites like Netflix and iflix that enable viewers to watch selected movies and television shows on their own time and pace has transformed the people’s TV habits.

At the moment, I’m subscribed to Netflix.  I spend several hours a week watching old movie favorites and films that I missed at the movie theater.  The great thing about Netflix is that I can choose to watch movies and TV programs on my iPhone, iPad, computer, or Smart TV.   As long as I have a steady Internet connection, I can enjoy watching Netflix. I like Netflix over iflix because of its interesting Netflix Originals. I’m currently hooked on watching The Crown, a Netflix Original.

I received a 3-month free iflix subscription but I haven’t renewed it.  The website iflix has its advantages. It offers homegrown TV series. It would be nice if Netflix also feature Filipino films and TV series like iflix.



Creating Music

Written By: rachel - Nov• 01•16

People who love music enjoy singing and playing instruments during parties and casual get-togethers. Musicians often come up with great music when they are relaxed and having fun with family and friends. Inspiration flows when you feel carefree. Music is meant to be shared. It’s more meaningful when you share music with others. Musicians can enhance their compositions with vx-351. It’s amazing how simple music can sound twice as better with the right gadget.