Soulful Thoughts of Rachel

This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Written By: rachel - Feb• 04•17

It feels good to listen to soft piano music. The soothing music helps relax the senses especially after a tiring day at work. When you need to de-stress, listening to piano music can give you a sense of calm. Lucky are those who find joy in playing the piano.
People who enjoy playing the piano can use music to relieve stress.  They can also try playing the digital piano.  Music lovers can find the roland digital piano at M F.

Year of the Fire Rooster

Written By: rachel - Jan• 28•17

Happy Year of the Fire Rooster! Let us welcome this year with a positive mind and grateful heart.  May 2017 be a wonderful and exciting year. God bless everyone.

Customized Book Shelves

Written By: rachel - Nov• 13•16

My son, Yohan is a book worm.  He loves to read whenever he has time.  I had a small book shelf customized for the corner of his room by the window.

As you can see, he loves the Harry Potter series.  I gave him Harry Potter’s wand which he keeps on the same book shelf. His grandparents recently gave him a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Yohan enjoys reading fiction and Science-related books.  He is also fascinated about mystical beings such as dragons.  In fact, he has several books about them.



Binge Watching TV series

Written By: rachel - Nov• 11•16

It’s good to have an alternative to regular television programs and DVDs.  The emergence of websites like Netflix and iflix that enable viewers to watch selected movies and television shows on their own time and pace has transformed the people’s TV habits.

At the moment, I’m subscribed to Netflix.  I spend several hours a week watching old movie favorites and films that I missed at the movie theater.  The great thing about Netflix is that I can choose to watch movies and TV programs on my iPhone, iPad, computer, or Smart TV.   As long as I have a steady Internet connection, I can enjoy watching Netflix. I like Netflix over iflix because of its interesting Netflix Originals. I’m currently hooked on watching The Crown, a Netflix Original.

I received a 3-month free iflix subscription but I haven’t renewed it.  The website iflix has its advantages. It offers homegrown TV series. It would be nice if Netflix also feature Filipino films and TV series like iflix.



Creating Music

Written By: rachel - Nov• 01•16

People who love music enjoy singing and playing instruments during parties and casual get-togethers. Musicians often come up with great music when they are relaxed and having fun with family and friends. Inspiration flows when you feel carefree. Music is meant to be shared. It’s more meaningful when you share music with others. Musicians can enhance their compositions with vx-351. It’s amazing how simple music can sound twice as better with the right gadget.

Best in Halloween Costume

Written By: rachel - Nov• 01•16

We love dressing up for Halloween. This year, we decided to dress up as Pokemon characters. We had fun making our costumes.

Jules was Ash Ketchum (Pokemon Trainer), Yohan was Charizard, and I was Pikachu. We had a blast! We even won Best in Costume twice. We won Best Family in Costume in our village Trick or Treat and we bagged 2nd Best Family in Costume in our annual family Halloween Party.

Music vibe

Written By: rachel - Oct• 22•16

The gift of music is a great gift that you can share with family, friends and even people you don’t know.  When you play the guitar, the music draws people towards you.  In more ways than one, music can be a form of self-expression.  You can use music to express feelings that may seem hard to say in words.  If you’re looking for a good guitar, you can check here. Music can be fun and entertaining.  You can play the guitar while your family and friends listen.  It can set the mood in a gathering.

Beauty of Small Things

Written By: rachel - Oct• 21•16

We often neglect small things around us. It’s easy to overlook tiny details because we’re too busy focusing on our daily chores and activities.

Whenever I walk in the morning, I enjoy the peace and quiet of my surroundings.  It’s a good time to reflect and appreciate nature.

During one of my walks, I noticed the touch of color among the wild grass growing on the side of the road.  I stopped and saw teeny weeny flowers.  I picked a bunch of them and I realized how beautiful these small wild flowers are.  They look like miniature lilies.  I don’t know what they are called but these tiny flowers remind me of how beautiful nature truly is.


Enjoy great audio experience

Written By: rachel - Apr• 26•16

Getting quality speakers is vital to enjoying great audio experience.  Without the right speakers, your sound system may not be fulfilling its potential sound quality.  A good choice is tannoy for their line of superb audio speakers. Choose the best speaker ideal for your purpose.  There are speakers for residential, professional and studio purposes.  Invest on the proper speakers to enjoy the benefits of quality sound.

Adding a Stylish Lamp to a Room

Written By: rachel - Apr• 26•16

Light is an integral part of any room. A lamp is a functional piece for any room but it can also be a decorative one.  When choosing a lamp, make sure it does not clash with the surroundings.  The function of a lamp is to provide additional light to the area but it doesn’t mean that you can choose whatever lamp that takes your interest. There are many stylish lamps to choose from. There are lovely ones that come with lamp finials. Find one that complements the room’s color and motif. Choose a lamp that suits your personal style.

Lighting fixtures come in different shapes.   Determine where you want to place the lamp.   If you need a corner lamp, you can choose a slim one that you can conveniently position in one corner of the room.  Choose the proper height of the lamp in order to provide ample light to the area.