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Back Pack and Stroller Bag in One

Written By: rachel - Apr• 04•14

You’ll know when your son is growing up fast when he refuses to use his old stroller bag next school year and insists on getting a back pack.

I prefer that he uses his stroller bag because he brings a lot of books everyday. I don’t like the idea of putting all those heavy books in a back pack. The heavy load might not be good for his back.

Yohan found one that he likes at the mall. I’m happy because it’s both a back pack and stroller bag in one so I bought it.

That’s what you call compromise. :)

My Silver Shwings

Written By: rachel - Mar• 23•14

I love my reversible silver Shwings. It’s so cute! On one side its has shiny silver sequins and on the other side, it’s plain silver metallic.  My pair of silver Shwings look really nice on my blue Ralph Lauren sneakers. I can’t wait to put them on my red Converse.

Transit Advertising

Written By: rachel - Mar• 23•14

Transit advertising is a good form of advertising. Putting advertisements on vehicles is becoming popular nowadays. Companies prefer transit advertising such as magnetic vehicle signs because it reaches a lot of people. Advertisements can be placed on buses, utility vehicles and cars. Transit advertising can reach all kinds of people. The wider the route, the higher the possibility of reaching more people. This kind of advertising also has the ability to catch the attention of consumers at eye level. When they see the ad on a vehicle, it quickly registers on their mind.

Looking for a Good Preschool

Written By: rachel - Mar• 23•14

Are you looking for the ideal preschool for your child? Choose a preschool wisely. A good way to start is by determining what you want in a preschool. Then you can conduct your own research based on the criteria that you are looking for. Check out preschools that match those preferences. You can find information about preschools by checking their websites. It is a good idea to arrange for a school visit to see the school campus. Set up a meeting for the school principal or other authorized school personnel so you can ask questions about the school.

Brochure Printing

Written By: rachel - Mar• 23•14

A brochure is an effective marketing material. Creating a brochure of your company’s product line is a good way to advertise your goods and services. You can reach more potential customers by distributing brochures in targeted areas. A company can arrange for brochure printing online.  A good brochure should be informative and visually appealing to get the attention of potential customers.  Brochures are easy and convenient to distribute because you can hand them out to people. You can also leave brochures on door steps, mail boxes and car windshields. Provide contact details so that customers can call the company if they have questions.

Shoe Accessories

Written By: rachel - Mar• 23•14

The Shwings are cool accessories for your shoes. I bought black flames for my son’s sneakers. He loves the effect on his Adidas sneakers.  He wore it the other day and his friends thought it was cool too. He wants to put his Shwings on his Converse and other pairs of rubber shoes.

Efficient Online Solutions

Written By: rachel - Mar• 23•14

In this modern world, the Internet has become an important part of business. Modern businesses utilizes the Internet for advertising, marketing and sales. Many businesses put up online stores to reach more customers especially those who live in other countries. It is advisable for a company to invest on a good e commerce workflow to promote efficiency and productivity. A systematic online process orders and payment can save valuable time and money. Efficient online solutions can contribute to the growth and development of the company.

Concert Vibe

Written By: rachel - Mar• 20•14

A music festival brings together music lovers from different places.  Music is a common interest that many people can relate to.  A music festival is a fun event that attracts a crowd. To inspire concert vibe, organizers make sure that there’s a clear stage for the performers.  An elevated stage makes it easier for the audience to see the performers.  The sound system is very important.  The quality of the sound should be prioritized so that people can enjoy the concert. The classic motion sound amp at musicians friend can help transmit clear sound to the audience. People can enjoy listening to their favorite musicians.

Academic Achievement Award

Written By: rachel - Mar• 20•14

Congratulations to my son for receiving an Academic Achievement Award on Recognition Day.  His dedication and perseverance have paid off.  Fourth Grade taught my son about the value of hard work.  He had his share of triumphs and losses. I admire how he accepted his defeat and used his experience to become a better student.


Written By: rachel - Mar• 20•14

Accessories can transform an ordinary outfit into a trendy attire. Putting the right accessories together can give a great effect. A simple outfit can look classy with the right choice of jewelry. Invest on different accessories like costume jewelry. Find lovely bracelets, cuffs, earrings, belts, scarves, watches, and more when you click here. For variety, choose different colors, designs, sizes, and materials.  It’s nice to have several good pieces to choose from when dressing up for a special occasion.  Don’t forget to organize your accessories by arranging them according to kind.