Soulful Thoughts of Rachel

This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing. ~ Maya Angelou

Theme Parties

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

Theme parties are fun! It’s not just for kids.  Even adults can organize their own theme parties with family and friends depending on the occasion.  You can have a theme party on your birthday or during special events like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.  You can even have fun putting up a dance theme party with close friends. Go ahead and buy sexy dancewear. Talk to your other friends and put up a fun dance number to surprise the celebrant. Have fun with close pals.

Gadget for Labeling

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

While I was organizing my things at home, I found an old but never been used labeling gadget. I’ve had it for years but for some reason, I forgot about it. I’m glad I found it because I can use it to label my son’s things in school. Perfect timing!

Organizing Your Room

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

A good way to organize your room is to add more cabinets and put up additional shelves where you can put your things. We usually acquire many new things every year without realizing that we are running out of space. Our tendency is to place things in corners of the room. Prevent your home from looking like a mess by putting things in order. You can rev a shelf in just a few minutes. It’s now easy to add shelves in different parts of the room.

End of Lenten Season

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

It’s the end of Lenten Season. Easter is a wonderful occasion celebrated around the world. Families get together to celebrate Easter. It’s a time of rejoicing. Kids love it because of the Easter egg hunt.

Passion for Cars

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

Many car collectors go to different parts of the globe in search of rare cars. Shipping cars across continents used to be challenging. But in this modern era, car enthusiasts can easily avail of overseas car shipping services to have any car they fancy shipped to their country.  Car enthusiasts take really good care of their cars.  Collecting cars is not just for show.  It’s more than an investment.  It’s real passion.  There is a sense of fulfillment every time a car collector acquires a rare car.

Happy Easter!

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

Last night, the family helped prepare the Easter goodies for the kids. There were so many chocolates and candies that we ran out of Easter eggs. We had to put the rest inside plastic bags and tied them with yarn and cute Easter tags. I’m sure the kids are going to love their treats.

Maintaining Good Health

Written By: rachel - Apr• 20•14

Make sure that your body is getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals everyday by taking supplements such as vitamin b15.  When your body is strong and healthy, you can accomplish your daily duties and obligations.  Do not neglect your health.  Being busy is not an excuse to overlook the things that your body needs to stay fit and healthy.  Prevent sickness from touching your body by eating balanced meals, exercising regularly and taking vitamins.

Back Pack and Stroller Bag in One

Written By: rachel - Apr• 04•14

You’ll know when your son is growing up fast when he refuses to use his old stroller bag next school year and insists on getting a back pack.

I prefer that he uses his stroller bag because he brings a lot of books everyday. I don’t like the idea of putting all those heavy books in a back pack. The heavy load might not be good for his back.

Yohan found one that he likes at the mall. I’m happy because it’s both a back pack and stroller bag in one so I bought it.

That’s what you call compromise. :)

My Silver Shwings

Written By: rachel - Mar• 23•14

I love my reversible silver Shwings. It’s so cute! On one side its has shiny silver sequins and on the other side, it’s plain silver metallic.  My pair of silver Shwings look really nice on my blue Ralph Lauren sneakers. I can’t wait to put them on my red Converse.

Transit Advertising

Written By: rachel - Mar• 23•14

Transit advertising is a good form of advertising. Putting advertisements on vehicles is becoming popular nowadays. Companies prefer transit advertising such as magnetic vehicle signs because it reaches a lot of people. Advertisements can be placed on buses, utility vehicles and cars. Transit advertising can reach all kinds of people. The wider the route, the higher the possibility of reaching more people. This kind of advertising also has the ability to catch the attention of consumers at eye level. When they see the ad on a vehicle, it quickly registers on their mind.